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The story so far

Nugget Nielsen is a brand with focus on exclusive lifestyle accessories for dogs. We combine organic materials with beautiful design. We offer a range of products all handpicked or handmade and designed for the love of dogs. 

Nugget Nielsen was founded by Kristina beginning of 2019. Change has always been a constant in Kristinas life. While growing up in big cities all over the world her passion and love for animals was always a part of her. The last three years Kristina was based in Berlin, where she worked in Marketing. This is when Kristina decided to follow her dreams, she got a dog named Nugget, her new family member. Currently they travel between Berlin and the alpaca farm.

They love to spend their weekends out on the countryside surrounded by alpacas, horses and dogs. It is the perfect place to be with Nugget. The farm has grown a herd of 100 alpacas over the last 15 years. The focus lies on breeding alpacas with the finest alpaca fleece.