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Preparing for puppy's arrival

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Preparing for puppy's arrival

You have decided on a puppy and are now looking into preparing for its arrival? So exciting! We have prepared a list of items you need to get beforehand:

  1. Dog Bed
  2. Blanket 
  3. Dog Collar 
  4. Dog Leash 
  5. Dog Toys 
  6. 2 Dog Bowls (food & water) 
  7. Dog Food

Dog Bed: Puppies love a bed where they feel safe and secure. Nugget Nielsen offers a range of beds. Examples are found here: Dog Beds 

Blanket: for the car, restaurants or other public spaces. Start bringing your dog to public places at an early age. A blanket will be nice and cosy. Discover here: Dog Blankets 

Dog collar: Get a dog collar that will fit your puppy. Nugget Nielsen offers a range of collars. Some are available in XXS and all collar start with XS. See collar collection here: Dog Collar

Dog Leash: A light dog leash, so that the puppy does not have to carry to much weight. A regular sized dog leash is advised. Dog Leash

Dog Toys: It is important to buy dog toys for your puppy. Toys are excellent mental stimulators that encourage active play and fulfill emotional and physical needs. Dog Toys

Dog bowls: dog bowls for food and water are essential. Choose bowls that can be cleaned easily. The stainless steel bowls can be dish washed and are highly recommended. Dog Bowls 

Dog food: A puppy eats a lot of food, be prapared and buy some beforehand. Look for food that is specifically made for puppies. It is high in protein and enriched with vitamins, minerals and fats essential for growth.

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